Links roundup : January 30, 2015

Welcome to this fortnight’s roundup.

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The Librarians and the Crown of King Arthur

IMDB : aired December 7, 2014
John Rogers (executive producer) discusses episodes 1 and 2.
And then answers questions for episodes 1-3
index and explanation of these posts

The plot:

Flynn Carsen, The Librarian, discovers that someone is killing off other former candidates for the position. It’s up to Flynn and his new Guardian (Eve Baird) to figure out what’s going on, and save the three who are left. Oh, yes, and save the world. Again.

This (and the following episode) aired together as the pilot for the series. Like all pilots, there’s rather a lot of introducing people, the setting, the assumptions of the show.

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The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

IMDB : Wikipedia
aired originally December 5, 2004
index and explanation of these posts

The plot: 

Flynn Carsen, a 30 year old perpetual student with 22 degrees, is forced out of his school and applies for a job as a librarian at the Metropolitan Library. Once hired, he discovered that The Library holds a wide number of mystical and powerful artifacts, and that his job is to protect them and find those that might cause damage in the larger world. On his first day of work, members of the Serpent Brotherhood steal one of three parts of the Spear of Destiny. You can guess how the plot goes from here, with chases, adventures, and various death traps.

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The Librarians: Now With Footnotes

The project:

In brief, I’ve really enjoyed the commentary that Kristina Killgrove has been doing over at about the TV show Bones. (She’s a forensic anthropologist, and her primary area of study is people we don’t know much about in ancient Rome.)

I thought it might be really interesting to do something similar for The Librarians that looks both at how the library bits are portrayed, but also footnotes the various people, places, books, art, topics, and other things mentioned. I love my profession, and I think that our-world librarians do some really amazing things – but I also have a great fondness for pulpy shows and movies of this kind of genre, and the mixture of that with a joy-in-knowledge is a lot of fun for me.

I was also really curious about how many of the references are accurate (and which ones) and making connections between different bits of info, and so on and so forth. (Short version: the show runners are definitely playing with realities not ours, but a vast amount of the stuff that sounds like it’s real is accurate, once you allow for the premise.)


  • This overview (below)
  • The Librarian and the Quest for the Spear (first movie)
  • The Librarians and the Crown of King Arthur (1.01)
  • The Librarians and the Sword in the Stone (1.02)
  • The Librarians and the Horns of a Dilemma (1.03)
  • The Librarians and Santa’s Midnight Run (1.04)
  • The Librarians and the Apple of Dischord (1.05)
  • The Librarians and the Fables of Doom (1.06)
  • The Librarians and the Rule of Three (1.07)
  • The Librarians and the Heart of Darkness (1.08)
  • The Librarians and the City of Light (1.09)
  • The Librarians and the Loom of Fate (1.10)
  • (And I will then go do the 2nd and 3rd movies.)

(See below for other links of interest. Once this has been up for a little, I’ll move the links to the top for easy access.)

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Links of Interest : January 16, 2015

This fortnight’s link roundup: ancient music, carnivorous sponges, copyright, evaluating information, and a lot more.

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Links of Interest: January 2, 2015

I’ve been putting off this link roundup for reasons discussed last post, but I also have a bunch of links I want to share, so. Links!

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A year in review (and some thoughts for the coming one)

Welcome 2015

(Picture above taken by me on a visit with friends to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
on a gorgeous day in June that is one of my top specific memories of the past year.)

One of my goals for the next year is to, y’know, update this blog more regularly. I do have a link roundup almost ready to go (and will post it tomorrow, because I like doing them on Fridays). In the meantime, though, a roundup of a few things related to my professional life in the past year.

Below the fold, more about my work and related projects the past year, and some thoughts about the coming year.

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Links of interest: September 10, 2014

I would normally wait until Friday to do this, but a particularly timely link came across my RSS reader last night…

Ada Initiative campaign:

When I read my RSS feeds last night, I discovered that a number of librarians have coordinated a campaign to donate to the Ada Initiative, which supports women in open technology and culture. You can read more about the matching donations campaign. That post includes links to other posts why this is so important for librarians and people working in (and using, and caring about) libraries that are worth reading too.

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Link roundup: August 18, 2014

(My current reading is at the end, since discussing it got long, because I’ve been reading awesome things.)

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Link roundup – July 16, 2014

Been a long time since my last post – we’ve had a lot of changes at the UMF library, and that’s taken much of my time and thought. (And my current knitting project has taken a lot of what’s left…) But I had one link I particularly wanted to share today, so you get a few others too.

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