Links of interest: June 26th, 2010

Welcome to this week’s collection of links of interest. This weekend, I am off at the Fourth Street Fantasy Convention, for lots of great conversation about books, writing, reading, and almost certainly a wide range of other topics. (I’ll have my computer, but may be a tad slower to respond to comments than usual.)

danah boyd announced the publication of some fascinating essays about risky behavior and online interaction, as part of her work with the Harvard Berkman Center Youth and Media Policy Working Group Initiative. I’m particularly fascinated by the article “Moving Beyond One Size Fits All With Digital Citizenship” by Matt Levinson and Deb Socia, but all four of them are worth reading.

The Swiss Army Librarian blog has a great overview of a presentation at the Massachusetts Library Association 2010 conference by Warren Graham on dealing with difficult patrons. (the blog post is from late April, but I only just stumbled across it.) Excellent tips on designing and enforcing appropriate library policies that create a space that remains useful for a wide range of library needs.

There’s a fascinating post from Brent, a young gay book blogger, talking about his experiences trying to find LGBT-related books in his school library. He’s very articulate about why libraries need to serve *all* of their users to the best of their ability. (Check out the comments for some other specific recommendations, too.)

The Seventeen Magazine Project traces one high school senior’s project to spend a month living according to the rules set out in Seventeen Magazine. She’s got some interesting insights. You can start with the first post here, and the sidebar has links to the others.

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