Pardon the dust: I’m settling into a new home after shifting my work-related blog from http://modernhypatia.wordpress.com . Moving the blog to its own domain gives me a lot more flexibility for geeky behind-the-scenes tinkering. (I’ve hosted other projects on my own webspace – or at least non-commercial webspace – since 1995, but they’ve all been personal projects not directly connected to my life as a librarian).

I’ll be picking up on some topics from the previous address in the coming days (especially the ‘how I use tech’ series), but in the meantime, expect some book commentary in the next day or two.

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Hi, I’m Jen

Librarian, infovore, and general geek, likely to write comments about books, link collections, and other thoughts related to how we find, use, and take joy in information.

I'm the Research Librarian at the Perkins School for the Blind

More about my job and a day in the life

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