Links post: August 13th, 2010

Want an idea of exactly how huge the change in information literacy, research skills, and other related topics are between 1999 and 2010? Joyce Valenza and Doug Johnson have released the chapter they wrote for administrators about how environmental scans of information have changed. It’s readable and a powerful reminder of just how many things we’re doing that are new, engaging – but also have some major differences from research in the past. Check out See Sally Research: An Environmental Scan

One of the things that interests me is a particular problem of folksonomies – user-created tags and other sorting devices. The problem is that when they get large, they get unwieldy. There’s an interesting recent post from StackExchange about how they’ve handled this on their site.

And finally, looking for something great to read? I really like the Seattle Public Library’s Shelf Talk blog‘s thematic posts.

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