Links of the week: September 3, 2010

It’s the beginning of the school year in many places, so conversations about intellectual honesty and avoiding plagiarism are springing up all over the place. During one, someone linked to a particularly nice resource from the University of Queensland that includes links to other useful sites.

I’ve been following an interesting conversation on the PubLib email list about how to talk about books that a patron asks about, but that weren’t to our taste for some reason. Part of the reason this came up was an article about the latest book in Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series (which has some spoilers for the plot, but which is mostly focusing on how grisly might be too grisly, as it were.

An article at the Chronicle of Higher Education looks at the strengths that people on the autistic spectrum bring to academic work, and other benefits of neurodiversity.

Brian, at Swiss Army Librarian, has a great post noting that someone put together a way to search library and librarian blogs. (I’ve added this one…)

GeekFeminism had a recent post of interest about getting diversity among conference presenters. In particular, they link for a couple of resources for people interested in speaking to list themselves. (a site focusing mostly on romance reviews, but with periodic great pieces on publishing, books, genre reading in general, and all sorts of related topics) has a great post up about democracy in book reviewing, both how to have more reviews from wider perspectives, but also more reviews in the big mainstream review sources of a wider range of books. Fascinating discussion.

Finally, a new search engine, SweetSearch, focuses on material selected by research experts, and librarian and teacher consultants. I’ve tried a few searches with interesting results, and they also have links to other resources and ideas on teaching information literacy.

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