Hi, nice people!

Thanks to a couple of lovely people retweeting the index post for my job hunting retrospective, I have one of those awesome lines going skyward in my blog stats. (The actual numbers aren’t huge, but it’s still fun to see.)

Thanks for stopping by!

If you’d like to hang out, here’s some of my plans for the near future around here:

1) No later than this weekend, I will do the massive links of doom post that I’ve been saving links for since the beginning of July. And then do much better at posting them at least twice a month.

2) Resuming more regular blogging, by which I mean ‘at least once a week’ and ideally mean ‘more like twice a week’. We’ve just sorted out where I’m fitting into the blogging lineup at work, so I now have an idea of how different topics might split out.

3) I intend to continue blogging about technology (and especially how we can use it to make our lives richer, fuller, and more joyful), libraries, books, reading, and all sorts of other related topics. But if you’ve got things you think you’d like to see me discuss, I’m certainly glad to consider it.

Things I have learned recently:

  • My new job is in a library that has *seven* staircases, most of which don’t go to all floors, in an arrangement that my boss refers to as “Hogwartsian”. I’ve more or less figured them out now. Maybe. Anyway, I’ve decided I like the yellow one best.
  • Dreamweaver, as a program, has not changed as much from way back when I used to use it as I thought it might have. (Which is good: I got to make a bunch of edits on the library webpage today, and didn’t break anything.)
  • Imaging and ghosting computers is slightly less tedious when one has an iPhone and Kindle app handy. (There is a lot of rebooting involved in the process, which means you get these 2-3 minute gaps periodically in which you can’t actually do much.)
  • Documenting things while they’re still new in my head remains the most sensible way to do things.
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4 comments to Hi, nice people!

  • PJ

    I didn’t tweet it, but I did post it on a friend’s FB wall because she periodically hunts for librarian jobs. At the moment she is not very keen on moving, but your info is too awesome not to be shared. 🙂

  • Hi I found this post from askamanager.

    It’s brilliant to be able to see someone write in such detail about their job search and it should be applauded…at least appreciated!

    There is so much talk these days about how gloomy and dark the job market is, it maybe so but moping about it isn’t going to get anywhere and your job search certainly highlights determination!

    Reading all your posts, I felt complelled to leave a note of congratulations on your new job! All the best.

  • Jen

    @PJ – yeah, the moving thing is challenging. (And I don’t blame people for not wanting to go there.)

    @Alan – Thanks so much for the kind words. And you’re right – there’s a lot of doom and gloom. My take (as you probably can guess…) has been that that wasn’t going to get me closer to finding a job. There were certainly some low points in there – but mostly, I figured picking myself up and keeping going forward was more likely to get me what I wanted.

  • (There is a lot of rebooting involved in the process, which means you get these 2-3 minute gaps periodically in which you can’t actually do much.)

    That’s usually when I go to get coffee!

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