LibTech conference

I’ve just finished the first day of the LibTech2012 conference, an awesome small library technology conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. (And as someone whose hobbies periodically include running fan and community related conferences, it is also running pretty seamlessly from my POV.)

This means I have been madly dumping links in my “Hey, I should share these” files all day (or rather, more than I usually do), and thus it is a good week to reinstate the links post. Coming Friday! Or maybe Thursday night.

(I’ll also have some thoughts on the sessions I’ve been to, but that might take me another couple of days to distill from my notes – I’ve been notetaking on my iPad and a borrowed Logitech keyboard case. The latter is awesome, and solves all my problems with rapid typing on the iPad.)

Minnesota is not as gorgeous as Maine (Maine had a wetter winter, so our grass is not totally brown). But you can’t beat 70 and sunny in March for weather, really. And I’m having a lovely time visiting friends before and after the conference, too.

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