Links of interest : March 16th, 2012

Welcome to the first edition of “links of interest” since, um, July? Yeah. Turns out that when I swap all my work blog reading from home to work, I then totally break my workflow for writing the blog posts at home. I think I now have a solution to that, involving dumping everything into Instapaper and sorting it out from there.

I am not even going to try collecting all the awesome links from the past seven months, but here’s a range of ones currently intriguing me.

Presentations from LibTech conference:
(there are tons of these, but these are ones I’m particularly interested in that came up before I go wandering through the presentation notes files)

Search and information gathering tools
(also mentioned at LibTech) – I have not tested all of these, but they have interesting stuff going on with them.

  • Kurrently – real-time search for Facebook and Twitter.
  • ifttt : automatic task management (i.e. star something in Gmail, send it to Evernote. Need to dig into this more.)
  • SmallDemons : lets you dig into the people, places, stuff (music, art, etc.) mentioned in a book. (For books they’ve applied their algorithms too, naturally, but a really cool concept.)
  • BookLamp – the book genome project that looks at relationships between books (i.e. “if you liked X, you might like Y” stuff)
  • sqworl – lets you do a visual bookmark of multiple links.
  • twitterfeed – lets you send your blog posts to Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • hootsuite – social media dashboard.
  • spiceworks – free networking monitoring tool (including some useful data combos.)

Assorted news :

  • Encyclopedia Britannica ceasing print after 244 years. (What’s really interesting are some of the stats in the article – like the fact only 8,000 sets of the 2010 edition sold. Which is, to put this in proportion, 2 sets for each of the 4,000 contributors.)
  • Brian talks about Freading, an ebook equivalent to Freegal for ebooks (basic difference from Overdrive: you get access to all the books they offer – about 15,000 right now – and pay for the access you actually use. (He’s pretty detailed about the costs, his library’s stats, and other useful info, too.)


  • Association of Research Libraries code for fair use in academic and research libraries. (Or, rather, more info about what’s in the publication.)
  • Choose Privacy week resources and info.
  • An Ask.Metafilter discussion on online-based room reservation services for libraries.


Just plain fun:

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