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In January, my previous cat, Athene (who I’d had for almost 13 years) was put to sleep after congestive heart failure and a massive blood clot.

I waited until after my trip to Minnesota in March to consider a new cat, but today a friend and I went off to the local humane society, and I came home with a lovely new cat. I’m still contemplating names, as one does with cats, but I do have photos.

She is about 9 months old, had come through the shelter once before (been adopted, then turned up again as a stray, with her brother) and had been there for about 4 months this time round. Born on the summer solstice, which amuses me a great deal.

She is very smart (one of my requirements in a cat), playful, and also very amiable: I brought her home, let her out of the carrier, she did a circuit of the apartment, and she’s now curled up by the side of the chair exploring the wonders of catnip hedgehogs. (She also approves of the glitterballs. There was a deeply amusing somersault in pursuit of one earlier. And some time spent taking over my chest as a pillow.)

She is so far very quiet, which will take some getting used to (Athene was very chatty), but who knows, that may change.

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