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I have a new iMac on its way to me. I am one of those people who believes philosophically in starting a new electronic device as a tabula rasa, rather than just automatically transferring everything to it. However, that also gives me a *great* excuse for writing about what I’m using, why, and whether you (oh few readers) might care, and getting back into regular posts here, really, truly, honest.

(Also, in writing about this in less public spaces, I realised that it’s 28 years since I got my first computer – an Apple IIc, in 1984. That number is sort of scary.)

Things I intend to talk about: 

  • What devices I use for what (and why the iMac this time: my current home machine is a MacBook)
  • Software I use all the time, and why
  • Stuff I turn out not to use (and thoughts on why)
  • The huge question of cloud vs. not-cloud vs. storage vs. backup.
  • How this fits into libraries, and tech literacy and all sorts of other things.
  • (Do you have other topics? Tell me in comments or whatever other form of communication seems likely to work.)

In other news: (in no particular order)

  • I have a links post in draft, and expect to push it live sometime Thursday or maybe Friday.
  • I am doing a presentation at LibTech 2013 in St. Paul. LibTech is pretty much my Platonic ideal of a conference: they cap at 450 registrations, so you can actually talk to people, the presenters are people doing actual stuff with real info about what works and what fails, and I have reliably come away having learned a lot.  I already had plans to be in Minnesota that week for a visit, which is convenient.
  • My presentation is called Accio Data: Managing collaborative projects with free tools, and uses a Harry Potter transformative works project I am gleefully involved with as the case study, because we are managing all sorts of complicated data for that. (I’ll also be talking about the people part of collaborative work, especially at a distance.)
  • I also expect to be at Computers in Libraries in DC in April (that’s my official professional conference of the year). If you’re going to be at either that or LibTech (or know someone who is that I should talk to), please do tell me.
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