Links of Interest : February 19, 2013

It’s been a while since my last one of these. Sorry!

Libraries and education

I think the Internet does nifty things, but so do people in classrooms, and I think a lot of the “how do we make this work” still needs – well, a lot of work. Honestly, about half the MOOC conversations I’ve seen show a marked lack of understanding about the Internet and how it works (both people and tech), which is sort of a problem.

Living in the future is awesome :

Privacy and related issues:

  • Nancy Sims, copyright librarian, explains why she turned down a job that required a background check (and why you might want to care.)
  • ProfHacker had the best roundup of commentary on the new Facebook Graph search that I’ve seen yet. (Check out the various links in the article.)
  • Creative Commons and later use – a question of image permissions from Bobbi Newman.
  • Meredith Farkas takes on the right to develop one’s own digital footprint.

Stop, no, reconsider that:

  • Can we give up on the comparisons between coding and things that are not *that* dissimilar? The Hedgehog Librarian takes on a “You wouldn’t knit your own sweater” comparison. (Some of us do. Signed, person who is pretty sure if I ever manage to learn coding beyond HTML and CSS, it’ll be because I figured out complicated knitting.)

Generally intriguing reading: (most of these came out of )

  • A Russian family cut off from the world for 40 years (via the Smithsonian)
  • Trade in Mongolian dinosaur bones (NYT)
  • A chart showing the many affairs of Zeus (and various other classical mythology figures)
  • Why are we suddenly getting hit by so many space rocks? Good question.
  • The emerging criminal element: Lead.
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