Link roundup: September 27, 2013

Finally picking these up again: I miss how they make my life a bit easier to keep track of. (Coming up here sometime next week: a review of Oyster, the ebook subscription service you may be curious about.)

Libraries and technology:

History, full of wicked awesome stuff: 

Let’s sidestep into colour for a moment: (No, really, I have a bunch of links about colour).

Music and the arts:  

  • Masters of Global Music at the Smithsonian has been posting free full-length recordings of amazing concerns, along with substantial information. (link to the MetaFilter discussion of it, which highlights some particularly awesome stuff.)
  • Boil the Frog lets you trace a path from one composer to another slowly changing styles through a series of tracks. I’ve thrown some weird stuff at it, and it’s come up with paths. You can listen excerpts of the tracks within the page (the full track if you’re a Rdio subscriber), so it’s a great way to try out some new music.

Intriguing applications:

  • A Day of Grace: Vimeo video of time lapse photography of a day in the life of Studio 7 at the Boston Ballet. (If you’re sensitive to strobe or flash lighting, there are places the method + movement + natural light is very similar.)
  • Houses of the Hobbit Diaspora. (I share a birthday with Bilbo and Frodo. Hobbits are sort of on my mind.)
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