Links of interest: September 10, 2014

I would normally wait until Friday to do this, but a particularly timely link came across my RSS reader last night…

Ada Initiative campaign:

When I read my RSS feeds last night, I discovered that a number of librarians have coordinated a campaign to donate to the Ada Initiative, which supports women in open technology and culture. You can read more about the matching donations campaign. That post includes links to other posts why this is so important for librarians and people working in (and using, and caring about) libraries that are worth reading too.



Otherwise interesting:

Current reading and watching:

Watching: Alternating the end of Season 2 of Elementary with bits of Midsommer Murders (seasons 14 and 15 just turned up on Netflix.) The latter are very pleasant knitting watching for the first week or two of school.

(Training new student workers, managing all the technology changes actually going into place, and working up plans for the campus training I coordinate has been keeping me extremely busy, so nice British murder mysteries where the music tells me when I actually need to look at the screen are very relaxing.)

Reading: Some light fluff (including the Veronica Mars first tie-in novel) for the same reasons as the light viewing. In more serious reading, I’m currently working on (at the recommendation of a friend who said “You have an interrupt-based job! You might find this useful!”) Time Management for System Administrators by Thomas A. Limoncelli which I’m finding useful and also quite funny. (it came out in 2005, but he’s very clear he’s focusing on ideas not technologies.)

Other books on the reading list include Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer,  and a couple of others I’ve been eyeing for a while.

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