Links of Interest: January 2, 2015

I’ve been putting off this link roundup for reasons discussed last post, but I also have a bunch of links I want to share, so. Links!

Technology and online spaces

Libraries and the pursuit of knowledge:


Other topics of interest:

Reading and watching: A friend suggested I give the new-this-fall TV show Forever a try, and I’ve been finding it very enjoyable. (One online comment I read about it said that it isn’t doing anything very new, but it does what it does very well, and I agree with that. Another conversation I’ve had about it brought out that it is an essentially hopeful show, with a lot of joy in it, and that’s also a good thing.) Anyway, knitting watching is a good thing. I’ve also been working my way through the later seasons of Poirot thanks to picking up an Acorn subscription, and enjoying the second season of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries even more than the first, and rewatching Leverage and White Collar more recently. (I have also been watching The Librarians though that really deserves its own post.)

Reading has been a lot of series mysteries – Oyster has picked up a lot of the Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels books, and those are reliable enjoyable reads. I recently finished The Secret Rooms by Catherine Bailey, in which the author begins by researching something different, and discovers three gaps in the otherwise absurdly extensive family records, and I’m currently reading Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life  of Hughette Clark and the Spending of A Great American Fortune by Bill Dedman.

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