Link roundup : February 27, 2015

First, a note (now that I’ve gotten through the initial bustle of dealing with the news):

I’m job hunting again, since my position is being cut due to budget issues. I’m looking widely (and have already had some interviews) but if you’re reading this and know of a position that might suit someone with my interests and skills, feel free to point me in that direction.

  • My resume is online here (PDF).
  • The thing I most enjoy in library work is connecting people with information and resources that make their lives better, easier, or just more fun.
  • That translates into especially loving reference, instruction, reader’s advisory, and collection development, as well as a fascination with how we can use technology to do things better.
  • I’ve got a broad range of library skills beyond those things, too, and strong technology/user training/etc. skills and experience, but am not a coder. (I’d like to do more of that sometime.)
  • I’ve got a particular interest in accessibility issues, and in how collections and library services support and reflect the diversity of the community a given library serves and the world at large.
  • Geographically, I have some preferences, but I’m really looking for the right mix of job and life (I’d like to put down roots somewhere), and willing to consider a lot of options.
  • If you’ve ideas or other questions or want to talk about a possible job, feel free to contact me via the contact form (or the email on my resume).

On to the links! I didn’t manage a roundup two weeks ago because I was in Boston for job hunting purposes, so this is a long one.


People talking about jobs:

There have been several discussions about a public library posting in Kentucky. I’ve been interested in this, because a number of small public library jobs in Maine work the same way (the library is open part time hours, has a non-degreed librarian, and the pay is – well, usually not $7.25 an hour, but not necessarily a lot more.) Jason Griffey about this – he grew up near there. Metafilter discussion with additional links (the comments go a bit afield in places). Lots of links in that second.

Diversity and books: 

One of the things I’ve been talking about in interviews and cover letters is the importance of a diverse collection.

When I put together a display or a list of related titles, I really try to find things that will let people from a wide range of experiences (gender, ethnicity, economic class, health issues, etc.) see that there are books about (and ideally by) people like them – and so that people can read and watch and learn more about how other people live. Obviously, no single display or list is going to be able to include every option or type of diversity, but the goal’s still so important.

Anyway, some recent conversations about it.

Arts and music: 

How we know things (and a few other bits of info)

Technology notes and tips:

Just plain nifty:

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