The Librarians and the City of Light

IMDB : aired January 18, 2014 : previous episode  
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One town. Some UFO conspiracy theories. Other mysteries abound.


 Not a lot of research commentary in this one.

I do find it fascinating where Jones draws the ethical line. (Stealing, fine. Being arrogant, totally fine. People using other people’s bodies? Totally not fine at all.)


No notes about the opening.

Carnegie libraries are a fascinating thing. (I was pretty sure this was one on my first watch, and the establishing shot in town makes it a lot more clear.) Basically, Andrew Carnegie funded libraries in over 2500 towns (the majority in the US, but worldwide) Library geeks and others may be interested in the effect they had on closed stack shelving versus open stack shelving as the common method for public libraries.

The particular library in this episode is the Oregon City library – like a number of other Carnegie libraries still in existence, they’re working on an expansion of the building.

There are different methods of classifying UFOs and related experiences – AN-1 is, in the Current Vallée system, an anomaly with amorphous lights. CE-3 is a close encounter with observed beings.

Colonial revival. Ranch style house. (I still love it when Stone geeks architecture. I am the kind of person who drives through New England towns and plays “Did a train line run through here?” which you can tell by the architecture if you know what you’re looking for.)

Crop circles.

Gas lamps in the middle of the woods make me think of Narnia.

This seems like a good spot to note there are glossaries of Australian slang (many, but I liked here and also this one for the linked ingredient and food terminology.)

Ghosts. Ectoplasm.

Nikola Tesla, who is entirely fascinating.

Grounding wire. Capacitor. Turbines.

Morse code. The range we can hear at is sort of fascinating – here’s a hearing test that demonstrates the range. Tunguska event.

Pont Neuf. Paris. Budapest. Eiffel Tower.

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