Curious about where I work?

There’s a great new hour-long episode about Perkins from Accessible Media, Inc. (They’re a Canadian company that provides captioned, visually described, and other accessible media content throughout Canada, as well as producing programs of interest to their audience.)

The episode is called “Holding the Key”, and you can access it on their AMI Originals Presents page. (Free streaming video: captioning and transcript available.)

The woman you see in the first segment is my predecessor, and the other segments give a good overview of the many things that Perkins does. You also get to see what a gorgeous building I work in – the first segment is filmed in the museum, in the Howe Building, which is around the corner from the Research Library.

(I promise, there will be content here again sometime. Still catching up from moving.)

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I'm the Research Librarian at the Perkins School for the Blind

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