Technical details of this blog

For those curious about the behind-the-scenes on this blog (current as of 11/6/13).

Host: A Small Orange

I began by hosting with Drak.Net, way back in about 1998, which was one of the very few woman-owned hosting companies, and that also offered excellent service and whose values in business were what I wanted (thoughtful sustainable business, not necessarily looking for huge growth.) Eventually, the owner decided she would like the occasional vacation, and she sold the business to A Small Orange (and they kept her on doing customer service stuff, and continue to be generally great. Very reasonable prices, too, given the responsive service when I’ve needed it.

Engine: WordPress (latest version)
I like WordPress for its ease of use, and the ability to do both posts (time-dependent) and pages (static). It’s easy to add categories and tags when I want to, and it’s easy to edit and move things around. There’s also lots of support and other materials out there that make it easy to try new things out.

Theme: Atuhualpa
I discovered this theme two years ago and like it for its ease of use, its many different possible options, and the management of some specific resources. I’m comfortable editing straight CSS by myself (and slowly working the skills to write my own blog themes), but for this blog I wanted to include a number of widgets: something this theme does very well.


  • About Me displays links to profiles on social networking sites.
  • Akismet is the widely used spam filter for comments.
  • Clean-Contact is what I’m currently using for my contact form – quick, simple, spam filters through Akismet, but not editable.
  • JournalPress mirrors the content from here to my protected  journal (on Dreamwidth and Livejournal) so that personal friends can comment more easily.
  • Simple Tags lets me format my tag list the way I like. (I find tag clouds really hard to read, something about the variable font size.)
  • Socialize This adds social widgets to my blog posts, and can also be used to do Twitter updates of a new post.

Hi, I’m Jen

Librarian, infovore, and general geek, likely to write comments about books, link collections, and other thoughts related to how we find, use, and take joy in information.

I'm the Research Librarian at the Perkins School for the Blind

More about my job and a day in the life

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