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In March 2013, I presented at the LibTech conference about Alternity, a project that gets a big portion of my ‘free’ time these days, and that also makes me think regularly about how we collect, organise, and share information. Why? We have:

  • 7 year project (at the point I did this presentation, we were 4.5 years in – long enough to have some idea what was working.)
  • 12 current player authors from across the US (3 timezones)
  • 72 played characters and ~1500 named background characters, plus various businesses, books, music groups, and much more.
  • Wide variety of technology tools (computers, mobile devices, and everything in between)
  • Range of player-author comfort with technology
  • Some limits on feasible tools (free to end-user, multi-platform)
  • As of the end of February 2013, we have 6000+ posts, 45,000+ comments, and something like 250 readers (it’s hard to count all of these, for various reasons.)

Here are my handouts for the presentation, one about the tools we use to index, share, and otherwise collaborate on the project, and one on the project itself.

As of summer 2013, we are moving to a wiki to manage our data, but I’m still glad to talk to people about how we’re managing and organising our data and resources.

(slide 9 did not translate well: I will see if I can get a better fix loaded, but not while I’m travelling.)

Handout: Managing collaborative projects: accio data handout (PDF)

About Alternity: alternity-intro (PDF)

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I'm the Research Librarian at the Perkins School for the Blind

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