The Librarians: Now With Footnotes


The project:

In brief, I’ve really enjoyed the commentary that Kristina Killgrove has been doing over at about the TV show Bones. (She’s a forensic anthropologist, and her primary area of study is people we don’t know much about in ancient Rome.)

I thought it might be really interesting to do something similar for The Librarians that looks both at how the library bits are portrayed, but also footnotes the various people, places, books, art, topics, and other things mentioned. I love my profession, and I think that our-world librarians do some really amazing things – but I also have a great fondness for pulpy shows and movies of this kind of genre, and the mixture of that with a joy-in-knowledge is a lot of fun for me.

I was also really curious about how many of the references are accurate (and which ones) and making connections between different bits of info, and so on and so forth. (Short version: the show runners are definitely playing with realities not ours, but a vast amount of the stuff that sounds like it’s real is accurate, once you allow for the premise.)

(See below for other links of interest, and more about the mechanics.)

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