Professional development

More information on my education and my technology background is available. I also have information about presentations I have given – and I’m always glad to discuss these topics at any time with anyone who’s interested!


I read a number of  library and technology blogs, and subscribe to a number of professionally related email lists. I also check in regularly at Library Society of the World: a great community of librarians (and other interested parties) who share tips and ideas.

My lists of blogs and email lists flexes depending on current projects and interests, but it always includes a local or regional library list as well as topical ones.

Conference attendance:

I love conferences for the chance to dip my toe in some new areas of interest, or learn how to do things better. I’ve attended the following:

Professional development in context:

My time at Blake included workshops in a variety of areas as part of faculty and staff ongoing professional development. These included designing course assignments to avoid plagiarism, an extensive multiyear focus on pluralism and diversity issues (including work with Dr. Heather Hackman and Dr. Carlos Cortés), and a variety of technology workshops, including with Dr. Scott McLeod. In-house workshops included learning about supporting mental health needs in adolescents, a range of technology tools, and material related to curriculum mapping.

Hi, I’m Jen

Librarian, infovore, and general geek, likely to write comments about books, link collections, and other thoughts related to how we find, use, and take joy in information.

I'm the Research Librarian at the Perkins School for the Blind

More about my job and a day in the life

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