A year at work (and a day in the life)

Today is my one year anniversary working at Perkins. I am still amazingly happy here! I thought it might be a nice time to do a day in my work life.

It turned out to be a slightly atypical day, in that I had a cluster of complicated reference questions, and didn’t get a lot else done, where normally I’d spend a bunch of time in the afternoon working on some project or another. But I think it gives a good look at scope of work.

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Three weeks in

I’m now three weeks into my new job, and I’m loving it more and more every day. There’s a huge amount to learn, but I now feel like I’ve got an idea of all the things I don’t know yet, which helps.

Everyone at Perkins has been tremendously welcoming, both in explaining things and all those things like including me in lunches and conversations. My predecessor (who is retiring and who had her last day on Friday) was extremely thoughtful about transitioning things to me. She’s left me with excellent notes and her entire file of reference answers over the course of 14 years. This being the kind of job where you get things coming up every few years, that’s hugely helpful.

(Fortunately for me, she’s continuing as a remote employee on another Perkins project, so I can email her if something comes up that completely stumps me. This is good, because there’s a vast range of information I’m still getting my head around, and expect I will be for some time to come.)

Read on for more about the actual job.

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New job! New home!

I haven’t updated here recently, but for very good reason – it’s been a really busy month.

Starting on May 4th, I am going to be the Research Librarian at Perkins (formerly known as Perkins School for the Blind, but they do a lot of other things besides being a school these days.)

The job involves providing reference and research assistance for people at Perkins, for people who are interested in the unique collections there, and supporting the research of educators who come from various places (including 67 countries) to learn new techniques and skills. You can learn more about the Hayes Research Library (including links to finding aids and archival materials that are online) on their website.

I’m really looking forward to learning a lot more about their collections and resources (they have the largest non-medical collection of materials about blindness in the US).

I’m also very excited to be moving back to Massachusetts, much closer to many friends and to my mother and brother (and his family) so it’s a great move in multiple ways.

I expect to pick up regular posting again in a couple of weeks.

Hi, I’m Jen

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I'm the Research Librarian at the Perkins School for the Blind

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